Jeffrey Halcomb
Who is Jeffrey Halcomb Chicago Advertising Agency?
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Jeffrey Halcomb

The range of advertising for small businesses is extremely limited. There are big organizations that can afford millions of dollars on high-cost campaigns. Even small corporations can gain from them in carrying their message to the target audiences. Car advertising in the form of signs is used today. Zoom Advertising agency offers these services and is willing to help.

Make your goals realistic and start working with them. As a car businessman, Jeffrey Halcomb has been successful for how many years. He became the President/CEO of Zoom Advertising. Early in his advertising career in early 1993, he knew that he is needed for a fresh new player in Chicago's retail automotive market, so further ado, he grabbed the chance, secured a loan and established a company from the scratch.

After 20 years, Zoom Advertising is now one of the biggest and most reputed Ad Agency in Chicago that specializes in tier 2 and tier 3 retail automotive. “It all starts with great people, that have great ideas that know how to execute to get the greatest possible result”, Halcomb was quoted as saying.

You want to work with people that do not only limit themselves to earn money but also encourages people. Today, it is very had to look for Ad agency that can accommodate all kinds of people and are willing to help. Giving and executing the best results today have been complicated to find. Sometimes, all we need is a mixture of time-proven strategies, cutting edge technology and good creativity like Zoom Advertising. You can locate them at:

820 W. Jackson Blvd


Chicago, Illinois 60607


The agency will help your business deliver the message that you want to pinpoint in the public. Creating the identity that will leave a mark on the minds of your potential customers is their expertise.

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